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At The Vow Studio, food is one of our favourite things to shoot. Rich in colour and texture, it’s a subject matter that lends itself to the lens.


Food shoots are often quite technical, so we bring in our most experienced team members and make sure we plan things meticulously.


The creative starts with building moodboards to agree the overall art direction and approach, then we get down to the finer details.

Our art directors and styling team advise and break down everything that’s needed, from props to garnishes, to surfaces and backdrops.

Although the focus is on the food, finding the right props is key - a spoon can convey a lot. Is it new, or tarnished? Rustic or contemporary? These small details make a big difference.

On the day of the shoot we recommend having at least two samples of each item, and we choose the one that is visually more pleasing. The team experiment with multiple angles and capture the small, mouth-watering moments that ultimately sell the product.


Most of our food shoots take place at our London studio, but we’re equipped to work on location and are happy to shoot elsewhere. For more complex jobs that may be in a professional kitchen, or we can also arrange hire of specialist food studio, or shoot in our clients’ restaurant/workplace.

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