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Sometimes all you need is a functional product shot, and that’s that. But sometimes you want to communicate more, to tell a story or to build your brand ethos. That’s where creative still life shoots come into play - they’re ideal to help brands stand out on social media.


On a still-life shoot we construct your image from the ground up; from the background and prop choice, styling approach and overall lighting and to mood.

Creative shoots often involve extensive prop sourcing and sets. Our wider team includes specialist set builders, makers and stylists who we bring together depending on the needs of each brief.


As with all our shoots we have a prearranged shot-list and a clear creative storyboard, but the beauty of still-life is that this type of shoot is often more flexible and responsive, we refine and experiment as the shoot progresses, seeing what works and adapting as we go along. The killer shot may not be 100% pre-planned but come out of inspiration that strikes on the day.


Images are usually needed for multichannel platforms and output destinations are considered at creative conception. As well as stills, we can also provide GIFs and moving image.

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